Board Committees

The SWCD Board of Directors has several committees authorized to propose policies or positions for board consideration and approval. The following are general descriptions of the scope of each board committee for 2022, along with the board members who comprise each committee. The board president chairs all committees except Finance, which is chaired by the Secretary-Treasurer.

The general manager provides staff support for all committees, including management and policy recommendations. SWCD’s consultants participate upon request of the committee chair or members.

Finance Committee

Members: Charlie Smith (Chair), J.R Ford, David Guilliams, Amy Huff

This committee will consider finance-related topics, including long- and short-term District financial goals, investment priorities and vehicles, audit, and budget, among others. In addition, this committee will consider and direct District investment actions.

Litigation & Legal Committee

Members: Jenny Russell (Chair), Rusty Hinger, Amy Huff, Kenny Heldman

This committee will consider items related to the District’s litigation priorities, including authorizing the filing of statements of opposition. In addition, this committee will handle routine legal matters, such as review and approval of contract amendments and renewals.

Outreach Committee

Members: Jenny Russell (Chair), Dagan Chadd, Kenny Heldman, Gerald Koppenhafer

This committee will consider items related to the District’s strategies and tools for public education and engagement.

Personnel Committee

Members: Jenny Russell (Chair), JR Ford, Rusty Hinger, Charlie Smith

This committee will consider items related to District personnel policies and issues.