Water 101, put on by the Water Information Program, was a hit this year, with at least 75 people in attendance for a full day at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. Retired Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs was the keynote speaker, accompanied by many federal, state, and local entity speakers who described their role in water management. The pilot Water 202 was also well-received! More than 50 people stayed the second half-day to hear more specifics on Colorado compacts and the water court process. The course also provided continuing education credits for realtors and attorneys, of which there were several.

Below are presentations from the seminar:

ALP Project (Behery)

Animas Watershed Partnership (Oliver)

Bureau of Reclamation (Miller)

Compacts (Whitehead)

Division of Water Resources

Justice Hobbs (The Water Ditch)

Justice Hobbs (Water 101)

Justice Hobbs (Water 201)

US Army Corps of Engineers (Hellige)

Water Bank (Lile)

Water Court Process (Harris-Simpson)

Water Plan (Whitehead)

Water Quality (Butler)