The Southwestern Water Conservation District periodically offers financial assistance in the form of grants to “qualified entities” that are carrying out the statutory purpose of the District to protect, conserve, use and develop the water resources of the San Juan and Dolores River basins, as well as to safeguard all waters to which the state of Colorado is equitably entitled.

Funded Projects

Previously funded work has included ditch rehabilitation, water storage development and enhancement, water quality studies, collaborative water forums and workgroups, habitat restoration, and educational programs, to name a few. Below are a few examples of recent worked supported by the SWCD grant program:

Forests to Faucets Teacher Training Program

Mountain Studies Institute, San Juan Mountain Association, WIP

Upper San Juan River Basin

Long Hollow Reservoir 

La Plata Water Conservancy District

La Plata Basin

Headgate Rehab & Installation

Farmers Water Development Company

San Miguel Basin

Tamarisk Monitoring and Removal

Dolores River Restoration Partnership, Southwest Conservation Corps

Dolores River Basin

How to Apply

The SWCD board considers grants on an annual basis (once a year). Applications for 2021 funding are no longer being accepted.

Applicants are encouraged to submit applications starting on November 1, 2021, but no later than December 13, 2021, for any funding requests to be disbursed during the 2022 calendar year. Please submit applications as early as possible within the given time frame; this will allow ample time to work with District staff to ensure that your application meets all requirements and adopted criteria in advance of the December 13th deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. The board will then review and consider, all accepted applications in February 2022.

The SWCD board has appropriated $250,000 for the 2022 SWCD grant program. Funding by category is disbursed as follows: $100,000 water supply and watershed restoration, $37,500 processes and studies, $11,500 education, and $100,000 emergencies.

Please contact the SWCD office, 970-247-1302 with any questions.