Spring Nine Basin Bulletin 2023

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The Water Information Program Spotlight

The Water Information Program (WIP) is a public information program in Southwest Colorado sponsored by a variety of organizations. WIP provides balanced educational programming and resources to the people of the San Juan and Dolores watersheds, and serves as an unbiased forum to discuss water in southwestern Colorado, publish objective and balanced information, promotes water education & outreach, and produces educational workshops and festivals related to water. 30 partner organizations in southwestern Colorado—from water districts, utilities, private stakeholders and environmental advocates—make WIP possible.

The program was created in 1994 by Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD) & various partners. WIP is funded by sponsorship contributions based on their unique resources ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and is matched dollar for dollar by Southwestern Water Conservation District. Each contributing member has an opportunity to share information about their organization, upcoming projects or challenges, partnering opportunities, networking and possible stories for the Nine Basins Bulletin newsletter. Each partner has a page on the WIP website and a link to your company website.

Water Education (“Education, Outreach, and Innovation”) is one of eight focus areas in the Colorado Water Plan to ensure a sustainable water supply for Colorado’s growing population by 2050 in a way that respects and preserves the state’s diverse values. With water shortage and increasing demand for water, education may have an important role in promoting the sustainable management of water resources. Educational curricula are the key resources used by teachers for students’ teaching and training purposes.

Water Education today is dedicated to solving critical environmental challenges by teaching the world about water. Elevating students understanding about water is accomplished by engaging in meaningful learning. The Water Information Program does this by providing hands-on, science-based water education programs and resources to formal and non-formal educators in the Southwest Basin and beyond.

WIP Programs & Events

  • Produces the SWCD Annual Children’s Water Festival
  • Created (in partnership) and Published the Rising River Stewards Activity Book
  • Water Law in a Nutshell Course – In-person and Virtual
  • Produces the SWCD Annual Water Seminar
  • Partner on the Annual Forests-to-Faucets Teacher Training Workshop
  • SW Basin Roundtable PEPO Liaison
  • Produced an educational video – Colorado’s SW Basin: Our Forests and Rivers (view on the WIP website)
  • Member of Colorado Water Educator Network
  • Provides Brochures, Magazines and Information Pieces
  • Lending Library; E-newsletter; Water Display
  • Resource Website – www.waterinfo.org

The Water Information Program is always looking for new partners to help contribute to the program, if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact Elaine Chick at elaine@waterinfo.org.